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Accelerating Ocean Tech Deployment Through Collaborative Innovation

What we do




Ocean Edge is a global open-innovation platform focused on sourcing and deploying advanced technology solutions in the blue economy that are smart, decarbonized and regenerative.

Unique in its kind, the program enables ports and maritime corporations to become leaders in the blue economy by developing strategic collaborations, pilots, and investments with emerging ocean tech startups.


Participation in Ocean Edge provides ports and corporations with unrivaled access to leading global ocean tech startups, experts and peer innovation teams.

Digitized and


Decarbonized shipping

Carbon reduction, cleaner energy sources (electric power, hydrogen, biofuels), enhanced vessel designs.


Marine renewable Energy

Tidal, wave, offshore wind technologies.

Blue Carbon

Marine ecosystems, mangroves, seagrasses, carbon sequestration.


IoT, AI and blockchain are streamlining seafood traceability, monitoring and managing of marine resources.

Advanced GIS tools for marine spatial planning.

Autonomous vehicles for deep-sea exploration and maintaining offshore installations.

Electronic chart systems and autonomous ships, are transforming marine transportation.


Sustainable fish farming and precision aquaculture using IoT, sensors, and drones for. Marine biotechnology to develop marine compounds for health benefits. Cell-based seafood developing cultured cells. Advanced desalination technologies address freshwater scarcity & new approaches for marine waste conversion into usable products.

Platform Development Timeline

Stakeholder Engagement

August – October 2023

Engagement and discovery process with key stakeholders and ports in the maritime sector around the world.

Pre-launch Drinks @ Web Summit

November 2023

During the Web Summit we will share our initial plans and facilitate discussion with key blue economy stakeholders.

Ocean Edge Launch @ COP28 Dubai

December 2023

During the Web Summit we will share our initial plans and facilitate discussion with key blue economy stakeholders.

Foundation Meeting

Early 2024

Together with participating ports & maritime corporations we will co- design essential aspect of the innovation platform.

Program Start

Early 2024

Launch of the Ocean Edge program, call for applications and a mix of online and in-person programming for startups, ports and corporates.

Amélie Desrochers
Executive Director Novarium

Amelie Desrochers is the executive director of Novrium, Quebec’s leading blue economy innovation hub. Previously she was a strategic advisor, investor and entrepreneur. For 15+ years, she has advised CEOs, Ministers, Ambassadors and Economic Development stakeholders. She has worked in numerous emerging fields such as : the creative industry, AI, electrifications of transports and the Blue Economy on highly sensitive matters.

Hendrik Tiesinga
Senior Advisor Novarium / CEO Climate Edge

Hendrik is the founder of Climate Edge, a climate tech innovation studio. Recently he was the climate fintech venture strategy lead at Barclays Rise Accelerator. Previously co-founded New Energy Nexus the world’s largest clean energy startup accelerator, Free Electrons a venture innovation platform backed by global utilities, and the Finance Innovation Lab in London. Through his work he has engaged with hundreds of climate tech entrepreneurs around the world. Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and North- America, he is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Daniel Olivier
Senior Advisor Novarium

Daniel spent the last 11 years leading the innovation practice at Montreal Port Authority. Under his leadership, the port pioneered open innovation in the sector in North America by launching the first port logistics innovation accelerator through a partnership with world-leading Centech. He oversaw the several multi- stakeholder disruptive smart solutions and deeptech startups projects. Previously Daniel worked six years at Transport Canada under Strategic Policy and Economic Analysis directorates and he holds a Ph.d. in maritime transport from the University of Hong Kong.

About Us

Ocean Edge is a joint program between Novarium, Canada’s leading Blue Economy innovation hub based in Quebec and Climate Edge, a global climate tech innovation firm, headquarterd in Lisbon.



Novarium is Quebec’s blue economy campus, which has a global economic development mandate. It combines the acceleration and the open innovation arm of Quebec’s Blue Innovation Zone, which will be launched in the coming months. In 2023-2024, Novarium will be launching startup corridors and launchpads in key strategic locations, including Montreal, Toronto, Lisbon, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Melbourne (TBC).

Climate Edge


Climate Edge is an innovation studio that partners with corporates, investors and governments to develop and implement climate tech innovation and investment strategies. We accelerate climate tech adoption by facilitating relationships between the edge of climate innovation and mainstream adoption. The Climate Edge team has decades of experience in developing international open innovation platforms for clean technologies and has an extensive global network of ecosystem partners that provides it with an exclusive insight into the edge of climate innovation around the world.

Accelerating Ocean Tech
Deployment Through
Collaborative Innovation